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What is Labfolder?

Labfolder is the place to record, integrate and manage scientific data.
With this electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) software researchers can handle the scientific documentation effortlessly with a lot of support for compliance with academic standards. Labfolder fully supports the Code of Conduct for Safeguarding Good Academic Practice. The Full Audit trail and the possibility of digital signatures ensure intellectual property and take care for data integrity.
labfolder is characterized by an easy to handle rights and roles management. For example admin users are able to prevent group members from deleting entries or projects and are allowed to view group members’ lab notebooks. Labfolder makes it easy to create groups and subgroups, to define content share settings, to send messages within a group and to use comments to discuss data. Furthermore it is possible to assign tasks to group members.
It is not only possible to import PDF files, further processing of imported word or excel files can also be done within Labfolder. The integration of external apps like Figshare completes this ELN.

How to get in touch?

Central Installation

As a Max Planck researcher you have the possibility to use the central MPG Labfolder solution, which is operated by the Max Planck Digital Library (MPDL). For creating an account your computer has to be part of the Max Planck network. Once you've signed up you can login to Labfolder from all over the world. Enjoy working with your new ELN!

Local Installation

Labfolder can also be set up as an in-house service at your institute. For using a local Labfolder installation you need to contact your in-house IT department and/or library team on-site.

List of local Labfolder installations

MPI of Biochemistry
MPI for Biophysical Chemistry
MPI for Chemical Ecology
MPI for Chemistry
MPI for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems
MPI of Experimental Medicine
MPI for Infection Biology
MPI for Psycholinguistics
MPI of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics
MPI for Molecular Genetics
MPI of Molecular Physiology
MPI for the Biology of Aging

Max Planck Community Page

Visit our Max Planck Community Page where you can find a lot of interesting additional information and material about Labfolder.